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We provide specialist Occupational Therapy for adults with neurological conditions in Great Yarmouth and Waveney.

Occupational Therapists support people to do the activities that are important to them, which we believe helps people to be healthier. These activities might include being able to look after yourself or others, housework, paid work, education or leisure interests. We can provide education, rehabilitation, supply equipment or teach people new ways to do things.
Occupational Therapists may work in the health service, in social services, private companies and in charities. We may therefore pass referrals onto other Occupational Therapists who are better at dealing with some issues, or we may work together.


Examples of the work we do:
  • Provide rehabilitation to improve hand use
  • Teach techniques to manage fatigue and energy levels
  • Teach ways to deal with memory problems
  • Support people to stay in work or return to work
  • Provide hand splints
  • Use leisure activities to facilitate wellbeing
  • Provide advice about posture and positioning
  • Identify sensory and perceptual problems and try to address them
  • Advise on equipment and adaptations to reduce effort
  • Work with other health and social care professionals to help people better manage their health
  • Give advice on returning to driving
  • Supervise participation in activities in order to increase confidence
Referrals to Occupational Therapy can be made via the GP, a health professional, Social Worker or another member of the Integrated Community Neurology Team.